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Our Services

We can have your refund loan proceeds from 12 to 24 hours and sometimes sooner if you qualify.
We handle small business income tax filing so you can have peace of mind and do what you do best, Make Money.

Sometimes the company did not take enough to pay your taxes and now you owe the IRS. Relax we can setup a payment plan that does not break the bank so you can continue with your life with one less headache

The state requires this form of insurance just in case you do damages to other people and with this you don’t get tickets for not have having insurance and do not have to be afraid of the police if they pull you over. We have all kinds of low cost insurance. We cover people with out of state Licenses, Ids, Matriculas, and Passports.
Required by most lenders to cover your loan which helps you in case your car is stolen, vandalize, or destroyed. We also sell Progressive Insurance which is a very respected company for its way it deals fast in repairs with customers among others that we carry.
We cover all kinds of motorcycles from street bikes to the lastest rockets.

We notarize all kinds of affidavits, Permisos de niños para viajar, Verification of employment, Statements of Residency, Bill of sale, Promissory Notes, Contracts, Leases, DS-3053 child consent for a passport, Birth Certificate correction forms, Senior off-campus privileges, Removal and/or Inspection of a Motor Vehicle at a VSF, Wills, Transfer on Dead Deeds, Emigration Letters, Application to replace green card, and much more.

To do your title transfer we need your vin #, your mileage, Insurance, Inspection, Driver’s License/ID/Passport. Call me for an Estimate. Be careful if the signer on the back of the title is not the same as the one on the front, you might have a problem on your hands changing the title. by the way if the date is more than 20 days on the title the court will charge a late fee of $25 a month.

Come to my office and I will give you the forms to get a certified copy of title which is the new title if you lost yours. They will charge you $5.45 if you go get it yourself and $2 if you want it to the mail. I hope you registered it in your name, otherwise you will have to find the owner to do the paperwork. See you soon.

About me


I graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown in the year 1994.  A friend of my mother’s got me a job at this top fortune 500 company.  I was there for a week and they let me go.  Did not have enough experience.  I went down stairs to the front entrance with my three piece suit and I was catatonic for what it seems like for ever.  My life was over and it had not even began.  After a while I snapped out of it and saw my mother in a piece of crap car I bought her so I did not have to take her to work on Saturdays at 6 a.m., I know what a good son. lol. Parking in downtown is expensive and she was giving me a ride home.  I told her, I have good news and I have bad news. Which one do you want to hear first.  She said what is the bad news?  I told her I got fired.  Then she said then what the hell is the good news.  I said the good news is that I don’t have to get up at 6am to go to work anymore.  My aunt that was in the car almost die laughing.  My mother was not impress.  6 Months later I started my own business and never looked back.  Thank GOD for minor setbacks.

Why choose us

Because we are Fully Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

Certified Refund Loan Anticipator

The bank I work with can advance your up to $6000 on your refund if you qualify during tax season.

Customer Support

You can reach me all year round just in case you forgot to include a W2 on your taxes, Include a car to you insurance policy, change you car title or need to get a bill of sale that way that vehicle is no longer your responsibility.


All your information is private and confidential. You must be here and present your identification to get copies of your records (nothing by phone, fax, or email). I value your privacy and security. If I can not verify your identity then I am sorry I can not help you. SECURITY ITS A PRIORITY.

What Our Customers Say

I sold my vehicle and did a bill of sale. The new owner passed the toll way several times and they sent me the bill. Thank god I had a bill of sale proving it was no longer my car. Thanks to Rendon Income Tax I had that bill of sale. Never though I needed a piece of paper to have peace of mind. THANK YOU.
Someone stole my identity and worked using my social. The IRS sent me a bill for $10,000 dollars. Rendon Income Tax helped me by contacting the police, credit bureaus and helped me fix this problem with the IRS. Thank you very much.

Call 713-643-5151 RENDON INCOME TAX


We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 27 years!

seguro de auto. bueno, bonito y barato.

Notary near me open now monday to saturday 9am to 8pm. sunday 10am to 5pm.
Notarizacion abierta de lunez a sabado 9am a 8pm. domingos 10am a 5pm.

cambio de titulo. el precio de nosotros es fijo mas lo que combran en la corte.

reembolso rapido. si haces tus impuestos electronicamente es mas rapido si lo depositan a tu cuenta de tu banco.

maneras de pagar por hacer tus impuestos:
en effectivo, o que te lo descuenten de tu cheque.

tenemos prestamos sobre tu reembolos de $500 and $6000 dolares. si calificas, el pago sale de tu reembolso.